Triple Your Business with Facebook Without Spending a Dime on Ads



As a member of the Referral Generator training you'll get complete access to 6 battle-tested and proven training modules each designed to get you the referrals you need fast! The modules are outlined below:

Total Actual Value ($5,682.00) plus Bonus Trainings ($8,458) = $14,140

Today ALL YOURS For Only $997!

Module 1: Extreme Facebook Profile Makeover

(VALUE: $597)
You'll learn how to transform your Facebook Profile so that it stimulates conversations and invites people into a deeper relationship with you as a Real Estate Professional. Previous clients have generated 30-40 plus offline conversations from this transformation alone.

Module 2: Unlocking Facebooks Powerful CRM Immediately

(VALUE: $897)
Learn how to use Facebook Lists and the algorithms in your favor so that you can empower possible referral partners and give new relationships special attention. This will allow you to to quickly and efficently generate offline conversations and referrals to boost your business.

Module 3: Growing and Purifying Your Facebook Sphere

(VALUE: $997)
It's your sphere, you get to actively choose who belongs in it and who does not. In this powerpacked module we'll help you clean up your sphere and we'll give you a number of strategies that will give you the power to consistently expand your referral base and triple your business.

Thanks to Geoff Talbot's training, I will close January with more than 50% of the volume I closed in the entire 2018!

Chrissi Stromvall Topoleski

Module 4: Boost Your Engagement With These 6 Posts/Week

(VALUE: $997)
Having a Facebook sphere full of your people is great but how can engage them with your content on a regular basis? In this module you'll learn our six post strategy that has increased engagement by 300% for many students. You'll also get access to our unique engagement funnel and content calendar.

Module 5: Understand the Algorithm and Use it to Your Advantage

(VALUE: $997)
Understanding Facebook's Algorithms and knowing how to use them in your favor can dramatically energize your sphere and generate new offline conversations and referrals. In this module we'll teach you everything in easy to understand terms. No matter what Facebook does in the future you'll still win.

Module 6: Easily Generate Conversations and Referrals

(VALUE: $1197)
Nothing matters until you make it real AND it is the same with your Facebook Sphere. In this module you'll learn a number of proven and battle-tested strategies that will help you generate as many referral type conversations as you wish. Our clients have grown significantly through the training in this module.



Lifetime Access to Coaching

Every person who registers for our Facebook Referral Generator Training gets access to lifetime coaching with one of our expert trainers. This involves unlimited chat support via our Private Group and access to two group coaching calls per week where we can problem solve, provide accountablity and inspire you to keep generating referrals.

Annual Value: $7164.00


Focus & Grow Business Planning Module

Transform your business with this 15 Day Training Module. We'll help you take your business goals and we'll convert them into easily achieveable conversation goals with your ideal clients. It also includes a super easy to use Business Planner which helps you automatically create your goals. You'll get access to 5 On-Demand Trainings, and loads of short easy to follow videos!

Actual Value $997.00



Kick start your training now and beginning generating referrals immediately with a one-on-one consulting session with Geoff Talbot where he'll audit your Facebook Profile and give instant tips on what you can do to generate referrals before your training even begins. There is limit of only ten of these free consultancy sessions so jump on this quickly.

Value $297.00


The Perfectly Engineered Facebook Trainings

You need more than great content and strong teaching, environment is critical. We’ve worked hard to develop trainings where you are surrounded by others who desire the same success.

(i) Proven Process

Through 1000’s of hours of workshopping, testing and trying new strategies we’ve turned the “gray and blurry art” of using Facebook to grow your real estate business into a defined science. No more guess work.

(ii) An Innovative Paradigm

We’ve developed a completely new way for people in real estate to think about Social Media and in this case Facebook. For many of our members it’s like taking blinkers off their eyes. The change in how you will think about Facebook will happen in the first week.

(iii) An Inspiring Community

Success by yourself is a difficult thing to achieve. As a student you will join 10's of other relationship centric real estate professionals who will encourage you and inspire you.

(iv) Expert Mentorship

As a member of our trainings you will have 24/7 access to Facebook Expert Geoff Talbot via Facebook Chat, weekly Q & A and regular Live Trainings.

Our work is highly relational and highly effective at generating referrals.

Some Of Our Many 5 Star Reviews

With over thirty five 5 STAR VIEWS on Facebook here is just a taste of what Real Estate Professionals are saying.

"In this digital era, we can lose our sense of authenticity. Geoff’s ability to engage his learners is amazing. He is able to show his learners how to use digital media but remain authentic. Highly recommend his courses."

Deanna Chavez. REALTOR

"This is one of the few programs that focuses on you building a relationship driven connection versus transactional with the audience. I will definitely sign up for more programs not to mention he cares and it shows. He will contact you personally to check on progress. Very authentic and the work is simple and easy to complete. "

Keri Bell. REALTOR

"My business page engagement has gone up 75% and counting. Geoff is a master at what he does, and just following his simple strategies can increase your interaction and ultimately your business."

Jasmin Chin. REALTOR

"Geoff is a gifted business strategist advising in practical use through Social Media. I believe this is the best business purchase I have made to date."

Scott Pearson. BROKER