ACCELERATOR: Focus and Grow

If you are in a slump, lacking momentum, have moved to a new area or are simply looking to invigorate your real estate career then this one-on-one training is for you.

Just about every Realtor alive will have a "business plan" for the next 12-months. For most a business plan simply means the number of transactions and the amount of production they aim to do.

You can do so much better!

During this 15-Day Online Real Estate Training we will take your business goals and we will transform them into focussed, actionable relationship based steps that you will have complete control over.

Register immediately below and let’s get started.

Your 15-Day Coaching Package

Your coaching includes:

  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions. Also available on replay.
  • 15-Minute Daily Exercises to help you implement new strategies on Facebook.
  • Unlimited Phone, Email and Chat Support with the trainer
  • Training Videos available for you to watch any time
  • The Development of your own personalized marketing plan

Training Modules

Your 5 Specific Training Modules are as follows

  • Module 1: Setting realistic and specific transaction goals
  • Module 2: Transforming these goals into proven attainable metrics
  • Module 3: Identifying Ground Breaking Relationships
  • Module 4: Creating your Relationship Vehicles
  • Module 5: Implementing to Succceed

Some Reviews

"Within 3 days of implementing some of the changes recommended I have seen my targeted neighborhood group increase membership three fold with a 300% increase in participation from members.” Nicole Gagnon-Bafaro.

"Geoff’s transparency about rapport and building relationships offline exceeded my expectations. Not only did he provide solid instruction, he showed proof that it can be done. This is no ordinary course!" Nakeia Mack

" Geoff is a gifted business strategist advising in practical use through Social Media. I believe this is the best business purchase I have made to date. Thank you, Geoff." Scott Pearson

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