ACCELERATOR: Facebook Pages and Groups

A powerful and unique Facebook Business Page or Group can take your business to the next level.

With this 21-Day One-on-One Accelerator Package we'll personally work with you to create a Facebook Page or Group that:

  • Generates real estate business
  • Massively increases your number of active referral partners
  • Generates a huge amount of brand awareness within your local community and market.

Register immediately and let's get started. This Services is discounted until March 5th

Your 21-Day Accelerator Coaching Package


  • 3-4 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions. Available on replay
  • A Step-by-Step Build Guide. A proven way to build out your community
  • 15-Minute Daily Assigments to help you tweak and build
  • Unlimited Chat Support with the trainer
  • Regular Training Videos available for you to watch any time.

Note: The is very much a needs-based training. Prior to our first session we'll assess exactly what we need to focus on to ensure you succeed.

Typical Outline for this Accelerator

Again this will vary according to need, but a loose outline is as follows.

  • Pages versus Groups - What Should You have? Get rid of confusion and gain absolute clarity on the kind of Facebook community-building vehicle you need! Let's focus on:

    - Whether you should run a Facebook Page or a Group, or Both
    - Whether it should be business, community or lifestyle related
    - How to make it attractive to your ideal clients
    - Choosing only one entity

  • Gain a Relationship Building Paradigm. Most people fall into the trap of using their Facebook pages and their groups as a selling vehicle. This will fail you each and every time.

    Instead, learn how to use your Facebook Pages/Groups as a relationship building tool that quickly generates referrals and gets you a massive amount of traction within your local community.
  • Creating Content that Resonates Everytime. Most Facebook pages struggle because the content is industry heavy. In the case of real estate agents most of the pages that we audit contain 99% "sales type" real estate posts. This is the wrong strategy.

    Instead, learn how to engage the 99% of your local community who are not currently in a real estate phase of their life. Do this and your brand awareness will improve massively.

  • Growing Your Community: Due to recent Facebook algorithm changes this module is even more critical. Here, you'll learn specific techniques that will allow you to grow your brand without having to spend a large amount of dollars on Facebook Ads.

  • Time Management with Content Scheduling: Your Facebook Page or Group can be the kind of gift that keeps on giving to your business. It doesn't have to steal a lot of your time. In this module we'll cover time saving techniques that will allow you to continue to grow your community on an ongoing basis.

Some Reviews

"Within 3 days of implementing some of the changes recommended I have seen my targeted neighborhood group increase membership three fold with a 300% increase in participation from members.” Nicole Gagnon-Bafaro.

" Geoff is a gifted business strategist advising in practical use through Social Media. I believe this is the best business purchase I have made to date. Thank you, Geoff." Scott Pearson

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