SYNERGY: Defining Your Brand

Imagine if the following were true about your team or organization:

"You have clearly defined brand values and a social media content strategy that powerfully expresses those values and attracts ideal clients to your business."

All this and more is possible with this 5 week brand-building service.

How It Works?

There are 4 basic modules that outline the steps required to develop a powerful internal brand.

  • Module 1: Collective Strengths Analysis - we analzye the individual strengths of every team member through utlizing the VIA Strengths Analysis. We look at common core strengths and unique individual flavors.
  • Module 2: Finding and Prioritizing Values - We move from strengths to values in this highly interactive module. With the goal of identifying 4 core values at the heart of your brand. Through creative exercises we force you to prioritize your values.

At the end of the first two modules we are left with a clear understanding of collective and interactive strengths (an indicator of brand and content tone) and we have priorized values which richly inform all your messaging and content.

We fight here to form a collective agreement and a strong sense of belonging.

  • Module 3: Brainstorm Brand Expression - The more remarkable your brand, the faster it will grow. During this module we'll brainstorm and find the most compelling ways for your team or organization to communicate your brand to the world. This is often about doing less, not more.

  • Module 4: Social Media Content Strategy - Understanding how to engage on your chosen social media channels is extremely important. What kinds of content should you be creating? How much content should you create? And how can you use content to attract your ideal client to your brand. These are the questions we answer in this module.

Working Together

Steps involved include:

  • Initial Survey and Survey Analysis
  • Module 1: 90-Minute Group Consult
  • Values Selection
  • Module 2: 90-Minute Group Consult
  • Module 3: 90-Minute Group Consult
  • Creation of a Social Media Content Calendar
  • Module 4: 90-Minute Group Consult
  • Follow up discussion with Leadership

Some Testimonials

"Geoff Talbot is a creative and strategic thinker that has a knack for identifying effective ways to build relationships online. His insight and recommendations have helped us to develop new programming that has quadrupled our web traffic, decreased our bounce rate by 69%, and exponentially increased visitor engagement. These results have had a dramatic impact on our business. "

Stephanie Jackman. CEO REAP CALGARY"

Geoff is truly one of the most advanced Internet marketing minds I have ever met. He was Seth Godin before Seth Godin. He analyzes complex challenges and thinks outside of the box to deliver reliable solutions that work. I have turned to him for several projects, and each one was a slam dunk success. "

Christine Marie. CMO. En2Go

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