Video Mastery for Real Estate Professionals

The following consulting and training package is in two parts and includes.

First Part: Three 90-Minute One-on-One Training Sessions. With the folllowing Focus:

#1. Story and Brand - Create authentic and remarkable stories
#2. Editing and Packaging - Putting the story together
#3. Distribution and Promotion - Making sure you build an audience

Second Part: Lifetime Membership and Access to the 30-Days to Video Mastery Training. Outlined below:

30 Days to Video Mastery for Real Estate Professionals

Video can be an incredible tool for building trust online. It is not enough to simply create videos... your videos must be remarkable. You must be authentic and compelling. Your videos must stand out.

This 30-day power-packed training includes:

  • 8 Online Teaching Modules/Webinars. Available on replay.
  • Short Homework Assignments to finetune your video work
  • Short training videos. Available for you to watch any time.
  • Private Group Membership for accountability and collaboration.
  • Unlimited Chat Support with the trainer

Your Curriculum

This 30-Day training is broken down into 8 distinct modules

  • Module 1: The Power of Video. An introduction to video with an exploration into all the ways that it can be used to grow your business and generate referrals.
  • Module 2: Your Unique Video Footprint. Your use of video should be uniquely tailored to your skillset, the area you live in and the nature of your real estate business.
  • Module 3: Techniques to Get you Relaxed and Comfortable. Being relaxed and natural on video is a skill that can be taught. We'll teach you a number of different techniques here.
  • Module 4: Capturing Memories and Telling Stories. Obviously video is primarily a visual storytelling medium. During this module you'll learn a variety of storytelling techniques that will help make your videos truly unique.
  • Module 5: Exploring Facebook Live. Facebook LIVE is a powerful medium but many people in our industry produce poor quality LIVE videos that may have a detrimental effect on their brand. In this module you'll learn how to leverage the power of live in a positive way.
  • Module 6: Basic Editing Techniques. Even the best videos need to be edited, from audio boosts, to color grading, to titles, to story-editing. In this video we'll go over the basics. You don't need expensive editing software, we'll show you how you can increase the quality of your videos easily and quickly.
  • Module 7: Getting Your Videos Seen. Creating great videos is just half of the process. In this module, you'll learn how to generate an audience for your videos to guarantee that they get seen.
  • Module 8: Creating a Video Brand. Imagine if you could be known in your community for creating incredible videos that offered real value. In this module we'll help you create your own unique video brand.

About the Trainer

Geoff Talbot is a trained filmmaker and actor with an established background in video creation. He has consulted widely within the real estate industry and his trainings have greatly increased the bottomline of many brands.

"This training will elevate your presence and augment your relationships, this I promise. Get on the court and play ball!" Chris Kallin Realtor

" I believe this is the best business purchase I have made to date. Thank you, Geoff." Scott Pearson. Broker

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