Are you missing out on opportunities with your Facebook Presence in your real estate business? Where are the gaps and how can find your point of difference?

With our SWOT ANALYSIS you'll receive the following:

  • Strengths & Weakness Analysis of Current Facebook Pages
  • Strengths & Weakness Analysis of the Facebook Presence of Team Members
  • Threat and Opportunity Analysis of Five of Your Major Competitors

How It Works?

After an initial 30-minute conversation to the discuss and agree upon the scope of the SWOT analysis, the following steps are taken

  • Payment is made for the SWOT analysis upfront
  • You send us a list of 5 of your competitors - You know your market. Give us a range of your competitors including the market leaders and any new innovators,
  • Send us links to the Facebook profiles of your team members - Analyzing how your teammembers are currently using Facebook is an important part of SWOT.
  • We run a Strength and Weakness Analysis on all your Facebook activities.
  • We run a Opportunity and Threat Analysis on your competitors
  • You receive a report outlining our findings.
  • We go over the report in a 30-minute consultation.

Some Testimonials

"Geoff Talbot is a creative and strategic thinker that has a knack for identifying effective ways to build relationships online. His insight and recommendations have helped us to develop new programming that has quadrupled our web traffic, decreased our bounce rate by 69%, and exponentially increased visitor engagement. These results have had a dramatic impact on our business. "

Stephanie Jackman. CEO REAP CALGARY"

Geoff is truly one of the most advanced Internet marketing minds I have ever met. He was Seth Godin before Seth Godin. He analyzes complex challenges and thinks outside of the box to deliver reliable solutions that work. I have turned to him for several projects, and each one was a slam dunk success. "

Christine Marie. CMO. En2Go

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